Postini antispam service provider acquisition

Google has bought Postini service provider and is becoming more and more gigantic service provider.

“With Google security and compliance services, powered by Postini, you can secure all of your electronic communications – email, instant messaging, and the web – and manage your company’s communication policies from one central location. These services can also make it easy to meet your archiving and encryption needs. Best of all, it’s all 100% hosted, so there’s no hardware or software to install or maintain. Whether you’re looking to transition from or enhance your existing messaging infrastructure for better control, Google enables you to provide employees the tools they need to be productive while reducing the cost and complexity of managing those tools.”

I’m definitely going to try this antispam service as soon as I will have chance as it looks good event though so far I have experience just as a user and not admin. But what also have weight in my eyes is positive reference from IT fellows of one big international PR company based in London. I will update post when I’ll have personal experience on this. But still, Google and Postini together mean to me solid base for any business.


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